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Buyer's Guide to Backup and Recovery

White Paper Published By: Rubrik EMEA
Rubrik EMEA
Published:  Apr 15, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  33 pages

Backup and recovery needs a radical rethink. When today’s incumbent solutions were designed over a decade ago, IT environments were exploding, heterogeneity was increasing, and backup was the protection of last resort. The goal was to provide a low cost insurance policy for data, and to support this increasingly complex multi-tier, heterogeneous environment. The answer was to patch together backup and recovery solutions under a common vendor management framework and to minimize costs by moving data across the infrastructure or media. 

The underlying constants have been—but also continue to be—the need for backups to be reliable and restores to be fast and dependable.

What has changed? For one, IT departments have moved toward private cloud models with virtualization and converged architectures replacing multi-tier architectures. Secondly, since the amount of data under management has exploded, IT is challenged to do more with less. IT teams are now composed of fewer specialized roles and more broad roles. Finally, public and hybrid clouds have opened up new data use cases, such as analytics and test/dev, that create challenges for managing that data.

Any IT professional considering a backup investment should ask which old assumptions are still relevant and whether a new approach is better. In this guide, we’ll discuss backup and recovery and the emergence of Cloud Data Management, which provides opportunities for protecting data, capturing new value, and making data available whenever, wherever it is needed.

Special thanks to those from the IT community who provided their perspective on these topics.

Tags : 
data, backup, recovery, virtualization, solutions, cloud, architectures

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