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Cyberthreats to ICS Systems - You Don't Have to Be a Target to Become a Victim

White Paper Published By: Kaspersky
Published:  Feb 05, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

Over the past few decades, the automation of industrial systems has been steadily gaining momentum. Business demands continuous improvements in the efficiency of production process, thus the depth of IT penetration and system connectivity grows continuously; industrial facilities are connected to corporate networks and are frequently managed remotely over the network.

However, along with their benefits, these new technologies have brought new threats into the world of industrial automation, and these new threats came as a surprise. The Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in place today were designed to operate for decades, and many of them were developed without any serious regard to IT security.

Download this paper to find out more on how to ensure protection from both regular malware and sophisticated targeted attacks.

Tags : 
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