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Building Virtualization-Optimized Data Center Networks

White Paper Published By: HP
Published:  Nov 14, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

Server virtualization initiatives are reshaping data center traffic flows, increasing bandwidth densities at the server edge and pushing conventional data center networks to the brink. Hierarchical data center networks designed to support traditional client-server software deployment models can't meet the performance and scalability requirements of the new virtualized data center. Enterprises must implement flatter, simpler networks to support high-volume server-to-server traffic flows, and they must adopt new management systems and security practices to administer virtual resources and enable on-demand services. Read this white paper to learn about the impact of server virtualization on the data center and understand HP's approach to building simpler, more secure and automated networks that fully meet the stringent performance, availability and agility demands of the new virtualized data center.

Tags : 
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